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25 years of success – KL-Lämpö’s laboratory services are in great demand

by Sari Kurvinen, Laboratory Manager / Chemist (M.Sc.), KL-Lämpö Oy

The heart of KL-Lämpö

A private water and research laboratory has formed the core of KL-Lämpö’s business ever since the company was founded in 1993. Personally, it has been a privilege to observe first-hand the growth and development of both the company and its laboratory operations since 1997.

Much has happened in two decades: as the business has expanded and the number of staff has grown, the company has relocated to bigger premises several times. The ownership has changed, and KL-Lämpö has gone from selling products to selling expert services and being a water treatment service company. Today, there are almost 50 of us working at KL-Lämpö, the laboratory is six times bigger, and the number of laboratory staff has multiplied by four since I started working here.

All of this shows that we have succeeded in serving our clients. As our clientele expands, also the number of samples coming into our laboratory keeps growing. This year, we will once again analyse more samples than ever before. The growing number of samples are carefully analysed by our professional, experienced staff. The sample information is managed with a modern laboratory information management system (Innolims), which is integrated with the company’s ERP system.

The number of samples analysed by our laboratory has multiplied over two decades:

files/Blogi/kuvituskuvat/The number of samples_blog_Sari.png

Quality is Essential to Customer Satisfaction

Besides analysing customer samples, our laboratory plays a key role in assuring the quality of our products together with our production staff. Quality is yet another area where we have obtained outstanding results, as is shown by the quality measures of the ISO 9001 standard which we adhere to. In 2017, product deviations formed less than 0.5% of the entire production volume.

We also measure customer satisfaction regularly, and we develop our processes based on the feedback in order to meet our clients’ needs as best we can. Satisfied customers are the foundation of our business.

How do the samples come to us?

Our team of regional sales experts act as liaisons to our clients in industry, power plants, technical building services and export markets. They are water-treatment experts who take care of all the steps for the client: they take the samples, deliver them to the laboratory for analysis, and prepare recommendations for action together with our technical experts and the laboratory. We also have an excellent, professional maintenance team, who will fix the customers’ systems as agreed and scheduled.


Continuous Improvement as the Formula for Success

The phrase “a rolling stone gathers no moss” depicts today’s world of business: we must be agile, flexible, fast and keep pace with the times; we must be able to react to our clientele’s needs and requests expertly. Our company’s greatest asset is our innovativeness and our ability to offer new approaches to sometimes very old problems. Our laboratory’s analysis services and our technical product support help in finding the right solutions.


Optimized water treatment

Optimized water treatment is KL-Lämpö’s main goal, and when we achieve it, our customers can be at ease.

Even though water is necessary in many applications and a very simple compound, it presents many challenges to the water treatment industry and to our customers. KL-Lämpö was founded 25 years ago to tackle these challenges. Since then the company has grown steadily and launched its products and services in new markets.



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Sari Kurvinen

Ms. Sari Kurvinen
Laboratory Manager/Chemist, M.Sc.