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Customer satisfaction is our priority

At KL-Lämpö, the customer always comes first. We measure our customer satisfaction and develop all our operations based on what brings value to our customer – after all, it is our customers’ success that justifies KL-Lämpö’s existence.

Our goal is to build long-term cooperation and partnership with our customers. This way we can gain a deep understanding of their individual needs and requirements. We want to ensure that our customers get the solutions that best serve their needs.

”In order to build long term customer relationships, our company aims at recognizing and anticipating even the hidden needs and expectations of our customers.”


We provide our water treatment services to small, medium and large-scale industries, power plants and building maintenance – to both private and public sectors. 


Energy industry

Building maintenance

  • Owners of industrial, commercial and residential buildings
  • Property managers and maintenance companies
  • HVAC companies (wholesale dealers, contractors and service providers)
  • AreCaverion

Customer satisfaction survey

We strive for continuous improvement to better serve our customers. To that end, we carry out regular customer satisfaction surveys. The surveys are conducted by a qualified independent third party to ensure anonymity and to find out how our customers truly feel about us.

Our latest survey was made in spring 2018. The overall customer satisfaction was rated at an average of 4.1 (on a scale ranging from 1 to 5). The results show that KL-Lämpö’s customer satisfaction has remained at a high level, and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) was noticeably higher than the average score among industrial companies.

The following attributes stood out as KL-Lämpö’s TOP 3 strengths (open feedback):

  1. Professional in its own line of business
  2. Local operator
  3. Broad selection of products and very strong expertise

The most popular adjectives used to describe KL-Lämpö were reliable, high-quality and specialist. We intend to live up to these attributes.

Do you want to give feedback?

We carry out our customer satisfaction survey every other year, but the feedback we get from other sources is just as important.

Our ISO 9001 certified quality management system is based on customer orientation. We handle feedback in compliance with the standard. This means that we document every feedback and take necessary actions on the feedback.

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