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KL-Lämpö Oy specializes in water treatment products and services which boost energy efficiency. The company was founded in 1993 and is known as a reliable and valued partner among its customers in industry, energy industry and building maintenance services.

Pirkkala’s “Enterprise of the Year” award in 2015
Pirkkala’s “Enterprise of the Year” award in 2015

We offer a wide range of services and products that improve the energy efficiency and reliability of heat-transfer, cooling and energy production systems. One area of our expertise is developing the maintenance operations of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. We also offer solutions for optimizing steam production and process water production. Our operation is based on high-quality water analyses and research activities conducted in our own laboratory.

Our reputation rests on our qualified personnel and on their long experience in the field of energy economy.

We are a member of Cleantech Finland which aims at promoting energy efficiency and sustainable growth. We also participate in the Water Ecosystem alliance which generates high-end solutions to industrial and municipal water processes.

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According to our customer satisfaction survey, most of our clients are happy with our services and are willing to recommend our company.

KL-Lämpö Oy is a reliable family company with a good financial standing. Our success is based on customer-orientation, skilled staff, quality and profitable growth.