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Water treatment services for property maintenance

The aim of our building maintenance services is to ensure the energy-efficient, economical and smooth operation of heat transfer systems. Our customers are for example the owners of industrial, commercial and residential buildings as well as companies responsible for the management and maintenance of such buildings.

Savings in investments and maintenance costs

Heat transfer can be enhanced by looking after the condition of heat transfer systems. Thanks to preventive maintenance automatic control systems and measurement devices funciton better, heat is distributed more evenly and fewer maintenance visits are required. Preventive maintenance prevents the breakdown of pipelines and equipment resulting in savings in maintenance and repair costs.

Comprehensive solutions for improving energy economy

Our services for the property maintenance sector include the analytical services, surveys and the condition monitoring of the heat transfer systems. We also carry out the required maintenance and repair procedures in these systems.

1. Analytical, survey and monitoring services

We document the equipment insalled in the customer's heat transfer systems and analyze the condition of heat transfer fluids in our laboratory. The customer receives recommendations for measures to be taken together with the cost estimate.

The condition of a heat transfer system can be monitored by means of regular water analyses. Analysis reports indicate for example the condition of the system in terms of corrosion and deposits, the adequacy of glycol content as well as the need for cleaning or fluid replacement.

2. Maintenance services

We maintain heat transfer systems with our own equipment and chemicals suitable for the purpose. The customer receives a report on the maintenance measures to be incorporated into the property maintenance documents.

Expert, training and consulting services

We also provide our customers with expert, training and consulting services in the field of water treatment. We help and guide our customers with the commissioning and use of our products. Our experts are available for finding optimal solutions to customer-specific water treatment needs.

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Let us work together in order to reduce your property maintenance costs and to improve
the energy efficiency of your heat transfer systems.

Our property maintenance services for heat transfer systems

Our maintenance services relate to:

  • district heating and cooling systems
  • heat exchangers
  • filtration of solids/versatile range of filters
  • heating systems (radiator/air ventilation heating)
  • cooling systems and cooling towers
  • glycol-based heat recovery and condensing systems
  • tap water systems
  • geothermal heating systems
  • sewer systems
  • solar heating systems


Our experts will help in finding optimal solutions for your individual water treatment needs.