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  • Maintenance, repair and optimization services

The aim of our maintenance, repair and optimization services is to ensure that our customers’ heat transfer systems and processes function without interruption. Proactive maintenance ensures optimal operating characteristics and increases cost-efficiency.

We perform the required maintenance and repair tasks professionally and cost-efficiently, with our own equipment and chemicals suitable for each purpose. Our maintenance experts are at your service even at short notice.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, the maintenance of heat transfer systems can be outsourced to KL-Lämpö in the scope required by the customer.

Our services include:

  • chemical cleaning and corrosion protection of heating systems
  • chemical cleaning, corrosion protection and prevention of microbial growth in cooling systems and towers
  • chemical cleaning and filling of glycol-based heat recovery and condensing systems
  • chemical cleaning of heat exchangers, tap water exchangers and sea water exchangers
  • system surveys and maintenance of industrial AHR systems
  • chemical cleaning of sealing water systems in forest industry
  • chemical cleaning of cooling systems in wind turbines
  • chemical cleaning of Dynasand and Precoat filters
  • chemical cleaning of RO membranes
  • chemical cleaning and filling of geothermal and solar heating systems
  • chemical cleaning of turbine condensers