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Hardness salts together with iron and manganese accumulate and deposit on the heat transfer surfaces of tap water systems. The quality of water is deteriorated. Water either tastes or smells bad. It can also contain rust. Water-flow decreases. Aerators and showerheads are clogged.

Deposits disturb the operation of regulators. They can also cause leaks in the system and damages to pipelines. It is possible to prevent these problems by installing a water filter and an electric water treatment device in the system.

Judo backwash protective filters

We represent effective and durable Judo backwash protective filters made by German Judo Wasseraufbereitung GmbH.

Judo filters remove solid impurities from water. Impurities can cause blockages and disturb the function of devices in tap water systems. Judo filters are available for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Filtration improves the quality of water and ensures the smooth operation of devices.

TRIOMAT electric water treatment devices

We represent TRIOMAT electric water treatment devices made by German NE-Sensoric GmbH. The operation of TRIOMAT devices is based on electric impulses which prevent lime scale on heat transfer surfaces of tap water systems.

Electric water treatment improves the quality and taste of water without changing its composition. It has a positive impact on water flow and reduces the need for maintenance and repair.

Cleaning of tap water exchangers

It is possible to restore the performance of a tap water exchangers by cleaning them. Cleaning extends their lifetime and improves energy efficiency.

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