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The role of water in energy economy 

Water plays an important role in almost all industrial production. It helps to produce energy and transfer heat in different process systems.

Well-managed water treatment of these systems increases energy efficiency. It ensures that the systems work optimally and that their service life is as long as possible.

Better energy efficiency with optimized water treatment

The main objectives of water treatment are to cut down maintenance needs for equipment, minimize unexpected downtime in production and reduce the need for new investments.

These objectives can be reached by monitoring and controlling the quality of liquids circulating in the systems, and by cleaning the systems when necessary. This helps to prevent corrosion and deposits, thus ensuring the energy efficiency of the systems.

Our services for industry

We provide our industrial clients with a wide variety of services ranging from surveys and analyses to cleaning, maintenance and corrosion protection at different stages of industrial processes.

We offer turn-key maintenance services for heat exchangers at our own service centre, and we perform CIP cleanings at customers’ premises.

We also provide maintenance and refilling services for glycol-based heat recovery and condensing systems.

We optimize the performance of aqua heat recovery systems and supply cleaning services for sealing water lines in the forest industry.

Our comprehensive range of water treatment services also includes the maintenance of cooling systems and towers.

For low pressure boilers and district heating systems, we supply chemicals and dosing equipment, as well as analytical and consulting services.

We determine the condition and performance of heating systems and offer the recommended cleaning and corrosion protection services where necessary.

Our services are supplemented by a wide range of water treatment equipment which help improve the reliability of our customers’ processes and systems.

Our laboratory offers analytical, trouble shooting and R&D services for industry.

Our clients in industry

We supply our water treatment products and services to e.g. the forest, food, metal, chemical and plastic industries.

We cater for our industrial clients’ special needs flexibly, and we also offer customer-specific customization of our products.

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