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System surveys and analytical services

The condition of geothermal heating systems and liquids is discovered by means of water analyses and by the visual inspection of the equipment. The results are reported to the customer (analysis report). The customer also receives system-specific recommendations for future actions and a cost estimate for the required maintenance.

Maintenance services

Commissioning and renovation cleaning

Geothermal heating systems are cleaned chemically (commissioning or renovation cleaning).

Filling of geothermal heating systems

Geothermal heating systems are filled with a ready-for-use NATURET geothermal heating liquid.

Glycol filling stations

Glycol filling stations can be used for the filling of geothermal heating systems.

Cleaning of heat exchangers

The performance of heat exchangers is restored by cleaning. Cleaning extends the lifetime of exchangers and improves their energy efficiency.


The maintenance procedures are reported to the customer. The report can be incorporated into the maintenance manual of the building.

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