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  • Sealing water lines in the forest industry

The quality of sealing water and the cleanliness of sealing water lines are of utmost importance in the forest industry. We have more than 20 years of experience in the cleaning of sealing water lines and have developed our own methods for the purpose. Cleaning procedures minimize water consumption and possible seal damages resulting in considerable cost savings.

Impurities in sealing water

Sealing water is used to lubricate and cool down pump seals and other rotating axles in the pulp and paper industry. The surface water originating from lakes or rivers is often used as sealing water. Therefore, sealing water may contain humus and other impurities which over time accumulate on on the pipe surfaces. When these deposits are detached, they tend to block regulating valves and contaminate the sliding surfaces of seals. This causes the premature wear of seals. There may be problems with the function of seals and seals can be blocked. Constant blockages in rotameters lead to production stoppages and additional costs.

Cleanness of sealing water lines

We clean sealing water lines with our own cleaning chemicals and equipment. A thorough cleaning restores the performance of regulators and optimizes water consumption.

Cleaning brings cost savings

The cleaning of sealing water lines has many benefits. It reduces water consumption and the need for seal replacement. It also cuts down production stoppages.

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