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When the goal is to increase the energy efficiency of a steam boiler, the requirements for water purity are very strict, and changes in water chemistry are often necessary. The corrosion and passivation rate of a steam boiler’s feed water system is primarily influenced by the oxygen content of water and the pH of the system.

Inadequate water treatment and system leaks may result in precipitable compounds, which form deposits on heat transfer surfaces.

KL-Lämpö’s water treatment solutions for steam production

Our experts help you choose the right services and products for preventing the formation of harmful compounds and for keeping any precipitates insoluble, so that these impurities can be removed during blowdown.

Each system is individual, and different pressure ranges have different requirements for water treatment. Our experts know how to take account of these system-specific requirements. We offer solutions for both high-pressure and low-pressure boilers.

High-pressure boilers

There are growing demands concerning turbine capacity and energy efficiency. This has led to more strict limitations regarding turbine steam conductivity. On one hand, the corrosion protection of metals – mostly iron – requires that the pH level is sufficiently high. On the other hand, increasing the pH usually leads to increased conductivity.

We offer consulting services regarding the use of oxygen scavengers and alkalizing chemicals in high-pressure boilers. We have developed new chemicals for high-pressure boilers in co-operation with our customers in the energy industry. These chemicals allow to simultaneously reach the low conductivity target and high enough system pH. Read more ›

Low-pressure boilers

Our services also include chemicals for low and medium-pressure boilers, water analyses and consulting services. We analyse thousands of water and steam samples in our laboratory every year. Our experts are always ready to help the customer with the use of our products.