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Water needs to be pretreated to ensure that it meets the requirements of the steam production process.

Raw water cannot be used in the boilers of powerplants – it needs to be purified according to each power plant’s system-specific requirements.

Raw water contains impurities that cause deposits and corrosion, unless they are removed before reaching the boiler. If blockages form, they might cause the temperature to rise to a dangerous level in some sections of the system.

Raw water undergoes a process of pretreatment, desalination and post-treatment. The water used at power plants needs to be completely desalinated to meet the requirements. Ion exchange is the most common method for producing desalinated makeup water that meets these standards.

Lanxess Lewatit ion exchange resins

We are an authorized representative of Lewatit ion exchange resins manufactured by Lanxess Deutschland GmbH. Our water treatment experts are at your disposal when it comes to cleaning resins, selecting the right kind of resin and replacing aged resins with new ones.

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Ecodex powdered resins for condensate polishing

We supply Ecodex® Premixed Powdered Resins manufactured by Graver Technologies LLC.

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