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Heat exchangers

Water contains hardness salts and other impurities which accumulate and deposit on the heat transfer surfaces of exchangers. Deposits block the flow channels of heat exchangers and reduce their efficiency considerably.

Even a 0,4 mm deposit on the heat transfer surfaces of a heat exchanger reduces its heat transfer capacity by 50 %.

Cleaning of heat exchangers

Dirty heat exchangers may cause leaks in heat transfer systems, malfunction of devices and production cutbacks. Thorough cleaning restores the heat transfer capacity of exchangers and extends their lifetime.

CIP washing of heat exchangers (washing without opening)

We have decades of experience in the customary cleaning of heat exchangers. We clean heat exchangers with our own equipment either at our own service center or at customer’s premises.

Cleaning of heat exchanger plates and repairing the exchangers

Our service also includes the repair of heat exchangers. Heat exchangers and their plates are forwarded to our Pirkkala service centre for cleaning, maintenance and repair. The plates are washed and the condition of each plate is checked. Then the gaskets are either glued or attached to the plates. Our service may also include the assembly of heat exchangers at the customer's premises and test pressures.

We service and repair heat exchangers made by all major heat exchanger manufacturers.

Heat exchanger spare parts

Our service centre supplies replacement plates and gaskets for all the major plate heat exchanger brands and models (OEM spare parts, or generic parts of equivalent high quality).

Analytical services supporting cleaning services

If necessary, our lab analyzes the composition of impurities on heat transfer surfaces. This happens by carrying out dissolution tests on deposit samples which have been taken from customer’s heat transfer systems.

The results of the analysis are reported to the customer together with the recommendations for the cleaning method and the chemicals to be used in the cleaning process.

Regular cleaning extends the lifetime of heat exchangers

Our experts will be happy to tell you more about our maintenance and repair services for heat exchangers. We are ready to answer all your questions.