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We have water treatment expertise that can be used in the maintenance of cooling systems in wind turbines.

It is possible to sustain the operating features of wind turbines and to restore their performance by preventive maintenance. It also helps in avoiding unexpected breaks in production, equipment damages and expensive repairs.

The maintenance of cooling systems in wind turbines is very challenging. This is due to the location of systems, their inaccessibility and the lack of space. Cleaning and filling of systems, and the recovery of aged coolants are difficult and demanding procedures.

New maintenance methods

We have introduced a new method for the maintenance of cooling systems in wind turbines. This method enhances the cleaning and filling of cooling systems.

We have a well-trained maintenance team which can perform even most demanding maintenance procedures in the cooling systems of wind turbines. They use special equipment and chemicals developed for this purpose.

Before cleaning the condition of each cooling system is discovered by means of laboratory analyses. The customer receives an analysis report on the results and system-specific recommendations. The implementation plan and the maintenance schedule is agreed upon with the customer.

In maintenance procedures we use our own heat transfer liquids approved by machine manufacturers.

Limited lifetime of glycols

Heat transfer liquids used in the cooling systems of wind turbines deteriorate in the long run. This leads to contamination of cooling systems. The systems lose their heat transfer capacity and expensive operating breaks may occur.

Deteriorated heat transfer may cause corrosion and result in breakdown of components, such as frequency transformers. Heat transfer liquids must be changed regularly.

Maintenance of wind turbines

Wind turbines have to be maintained 2-4 times a year, depending on their model and location. Preventive maintenance aims at:

  • maintaining the operating capacity of wind turbines
  • restoring the reduced performance of wind turbines
  • preventing malfunctions in and damages to wind turbines


We work closely with major manufacturers of frequency transformers for wind turbines. We have received their approval when it comes to using our products and services in their machines.

Our services for wind turbines are as follows

  • analyses of circulation liquids in cooling systems
  • cleaning and flushing of cooling systems
  • filling of cooling systems with anti-freeze chemicals that contain corrosion inhibitors
  • ultrasound flow measurements
  • endoscopic imaging and maintenance reports
  • recycling services for aged glycol solutions
  • follow-up agreements