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Cost-saving water treatment services for improved energy efficiency and operational reliability

Water plays an important role in almost all industrial production, heating and cooling systems and energy transfer.

Well-managed water treatment reduces the need for equipment maintenance and improves the operational reliability of heat transfer systems. It prevents unexpected interruptions and downtime in industrial production, making it possible to postpone pending investments into the future.

KL-Lämpö Oy offers a wide range of expert services for the water treatment needs of industry, energy industry and building maintenance services. Our services and products improve the energy efficiency and reliability of heat-transfer, cooling and energy production systems. We provide our customers with technical support and broad experience from the field of water treatment. Our experts are available for finding optimal solutions to customer-specific needs.

Services for industry

Analytical, cleaning and maintenance services
that help save energy and protect systems against corrosion at different stages of the industrial process.
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Services for wind turbines

Maintenance services for wind turbine cooling systems.
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Services for power plants

Services for optimizing energy production and energy transfer in power plants.
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Services for building maintenance

Services that ensure the energy-efficient, economical and uninterrupted service of heat transfer systems in buildings.
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 Laboratory services

Laboratory services are part of our comprehensive water treatment services. Our aim is to find optimal solutions for customer-specific water treatment needs.
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Other services

Examples of our services:

• Surveys, analytical services and monitoring services
• Maintenance, repair and optimization services
• Expert, training and consulting services
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Product solutions for water treatment

We offer a wide range of high-quality water-treatment and heat-transfer chemicals that increase reliability and energy efficiency. Our product range also includes devices and equipment for water treatment.

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Even a 0,4 mm deposit can cause problems

Heat transfer surfaces have to be clean in order to work optimally. As small as a 0.4 mm deposit reduces the heat transfer capacity by 50%.

Corrosion protection prevents damages

Insufficient corrosion protection has an influence on energy consumption. Corrosion products disturb the operation of heat transfer systems and increase energy costs.

Our laboratory reveals possible needs for maintenance and repair

Our laboratory investigates the condition of heat transfer systems through water analyses. Our laboratory is responsible for the optimization of our products.

Water treatment experts at your service

Unexpected stoppages may cause an urgent need for cleaning. Our experts and equipment are at your disposal even at a short notice.

Heat exchanger maintenance services

Our service centre carries out even the most challenging maintenance and repairs on plate heat exchangers. We also perform CIP washings of heat exchangers at customers’ premises.

Pre-commissioning cleaning and remediation cleaning

Ensure the reliability of pipework systems with cleaning and corrosion protection.