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Resins and premixed powdered resins


We are an authorized representative of LEWATIT ion exchange resins made by German Lanxess Deutschland GmbH. LEWATIT ion exchange resins are used in the pretreatment of water at power plants.

LEWATIT ion exchange resins are reliable and have a long lifetime. They enable uninterrupted and cost-effective operation of water production processes.

We keep in stock the following qualities:

  • Lewatit MonoPlus S 108 H strong cation resin
  • Lewatit MonoPlus M 500 strong anion resin
  • Lewatit MonoPlus MP 68 weak anion resin
  • Lewatit MonoPlus IN 42 inert resin

We also supply other LEWATIT resins to order.

Expert services

Our water treatment experts are at your disposal when it comes to cleaning of resins, selecting the right kind of resin and replacing aged resins with new ones.

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LEWATIT® support service

The technical support of the resin manufacturer Lanxess Deutschland GmbH is also at our customers’ disposal.
Visit manufacturer’s website for more information about LEWATIT ion exchange resins. »

ECODEX premixed powdered resins

Graver TechnologiesWe supply Ecodex® Premixed Powdered Resins manufactured by American Graver Technologies LLC. Several qualities are available depending on filtration needs. Ecodex® premixed powdered resins and inert fibers are used for condensate polishing and other high purity applications. Thanks to their even quality of Ecodex® Premixed Powdered Resins facilitate coating processes.

For urgent deliveries we keep in stock ECODEX P-307-N. It is a combination of a premixed powdered resin and an ion exchange resin with abilities to filter particles and dissolved salts from water.

We also supply other Ecodex® Premixed Powdered Resins to order.

Expert services

Our experts will be glad to help in the planning and implementation of coating processes.

Further information

Visit manufacturer’s website for more information about Ecodex® Premixed Powdered Resins »