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KK bypass filters

KK bypass filters MF 100, MF 200-1, MF 200-2 and MF 250

Acid-resistant KK bypass filters remove solid impurities from water, water-glycol solutions and process water. They can also be used for filtration needs in food and process industry.

KK bypass filters have permanent magnets for filtering fine iron particles from water/heat transfer liquids. These particles can disturb the operation of water and glycol-based systems.

KK bypass filters are manufactured in Finland. They can be tailor-made according to customer-specific needs, allowing for changes to be made to the structure or the number of magnets.

The cleaning of KK bypass filters is easy. When the magnet is removed from the housing, the iron particles are easy to remove from the magnet’s surface. The filters can be connected to remote monitoring.

Structure of KK bypass filters 

  • filter housing is of acid-resistant stainless steel (AISI 316)
  • filter basket 
  • permanent magnet(s) 
  • filter bag / twin bag 


  • heating and district heating systems
  • cooling systems
  • heat and cold recovery systems
  • food industry and process water systems

Standard filter bags

The filtration rate of the MF 100 filter bag is 50 microns. The filtration rate of MF 200-1, MF 200-2 and MF 250 twin bags is 50/500 microns. To order we also supply filter bags with filtration rates from 25 to 1,200 microns.

Standard filter bags are made of polyamide.  They are washable and reusable.

Special applications

Special disposable filter bags made of polyester/felted cloth are also available.  Their filtration rate ranges from 1 to 1,000 microns.