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Laboratory services

Laboratory services are part of our comprehensive water treatment services.  Our aim is to find optimal solutions for customer-specific water treatment needs.

Analytical services

Our laboratory analyzes water samples taken from our customers’ heat transfer systems or process water. The results are reported to the customer. The report indicates the condition of customer’s heat transfer systems and liquids. It reveals possible needs for maintenance. Our customer also receives system-specific recommendations for the maintenance and follow-up of heat transfer systems.

Measurement services

Our laboratory services include e.g. oxygen, flow and corrosion measurements.

Customer-specific problems and needs

Our laboratory plays an important role in finding solutions to our customers’ individual water treatment needs. We carry out on-site measurements at our customers’ premises and also reference measurements.

ISO 9001 certified operating model

Our operating model is customer-oriented and is based on the standards of ISO 9001. The aim of our internal quality control system is to make sure that our products and services always meet with customer's individual needs and requirements.

Internal quality control ensures that customers receive the right product and service solution in every situation.


Our laboratory is equipped with the following measuring devices:

  • AAS device
    Atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) for metal determinations (e.g. iron and copper)
  • Titrator
    PC-controlled automatic titrator (e.g. hardness, alkalinity and pH)
  • Spectrophotometer
    HACH spectrophotometer (e.g. chemical content, silicate, sulphate and chloride determinations)
  • Conductivity meter
    METTLER conductivity/pH meter (electric conductivity and pH)
  • Flocculator
    Four-slot mixer of flocking chemicals (research on flocking chemicals)

Other equipment

  • Oxygen analyser
    ONSITE oxygen analyser for the determination of oxygen content
  • Ultrasound flow meter
  • Corrosion testing device (field and laboratory measurements)

Our laboratory specialists

Kurvinen sari
Ms. Sari
Laboratory Manager/Chemist, M.Sc.
+358 40 589 3156
  • analytical services, R&D projects
  • quality control
  • safety data sheets
Nieminen jorma
Mr. Jorma
Laboratory Technician
+358 40 532 2442 / laboratory

• analysis services

Azizi sedigeh
Ms. Sedigeh
Laboratory worker
+358 40 532 2442 / laboratory

• analysis services and product development projects

Dmitrieva mariia
Ms. Maria
Project Manager, Engineer
040 658 6208
• export/Russia
• R&D