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Maintenance products for sewers

KK-BIO 1000 biological treatment agent for sewers

KK-BIO 1000 is a biological treatment agent for sewers and grease traps. It contains bacteria (50 billion bacteria per liter) and enzymes that disintegrate greases.

KK-BIO 1000 keeps sewers and grease traps clean by disintegrating greases which cause blockages. It eliminates disagreeable odors in sewers and grease traps and removes small organisms like silverfish. KK-BIO 1000 also reduces the need for emptying grease traps.


  • in wastewater treatment of institutional kitchens, food industry etc. when wastewater contains grease and food

KK-BIO 1000 is dosed either manually or automatically by means of a dosing pump.

The product is supplied in plastic containers of 20 kg and 210 kg.

RAE-SESAM alkaline clearing agent for sewers

RAE-SESAM is an alkaline clearing agent for sewers which dissolves organic waste effectively. It clears and cleans drain pipes.  It also disinfects sewage system by removing disagreeable odors. The regular use of RAE-SESAM ensures the trouble-free operation of drain pipes.


  • Drains
  • Toilets
  • Floor drains
  • Sinks
  • Roof drains

RAE-SESAM is packaged in plastic jars, 30 jars per box. Minimum delivery is one box containing 30 jars (30 x 530 g).