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KL-Lämpö, Our operating principle

Expertise in water treatment relating to energy economy

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KL-Lämpö, Expertise in water treatment

Our offices

Head office/

KL-Lämpö Oy
Golfkentäntie 8
tel. +358 20 761 9900

Our management, administration, financial administration, laboratory and production operate at our premises in Pirkkala.

Espoo office

KL-Lämpö Oy
Kilonkallio 3 B
FI-02610 ESPOO
tel. +358 20 761 9900

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Our operating principle

We are committed to working in an environmentally friendly way. We are also committed to complying with the Responsible Care program, which is an international operating model for safety, health and environment within chemical industry.

Operational reliability and cost savings

The optimal operation of heat transfer systems calls for clean heat transfer surfaces. The purpose of our water treatment services is to control the corrosion rate of heat transfer systems and to prevent scale and deposits.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the leading company in Finland as regards water treatment relating to energy economy.

Our values

Our values are based on customer-orientation, reliability, sustainability and wellbeing at work. We invest in the expertise and well-being of our personnel and in long-term employments.

Our vision

In our core business our aim is to become one of the most important service providers in Finland. However, we also want to establish business relations to other European countries.

Our quality policy

We serve our customers in a comprehensive and customized way. Therefore, our water treatment products and services are constantly developed on the basis of our customers' needs and in close cooperation with them.

Our leadership acts on the basis of our quality management system which is evalueted and audited regularly. We also count on our partners to act responsibly and reliably to meet with our quality management system.


Certified quality management system

Our quality management system complies with ISO 9001 standards. Our business is based on continuous benefication and on the development of our processes. Our focus is on the individual needs and requirements of our customers.

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