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Monitoring of industrial AHR systems.

Glycol filling stations

Our product range includes glycol filling stations for cooling and heat recovery systems.  The stations are equipped with a container and an electric pump which pumps the liquid into the system. The equipment is also suitable for mixing glycol-water solutions.

Our glycol filling stations have many important advantages over manual pumps. They facilitate the filling process and are much safer in use than manual pumps. The tight container prevents the concentration of the filling liquid. In addition trash and other damaging impurities have no access to the container. Our compact glycol filling stations are easy to install and cheaper than traditional pumping systems.


  • S60 with a 60-litre container
  • S100 with a 100-litre container
  • S250 with a 250-litre container


The glycol filling stations are also available with a 500, 1000 or 2000 litre container and/or equipped with a pump designed for a bigger lifting height (SH-models).  These models are made to order.