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RO devices

RO (reverse osmosis) devices are used for removing salt from water. Reverse osmosis can remove many different types of particles from water, such as hardness salts, minerals, viruses, bacteria, etc. Modern RO devices can produce close to 100 % desalinated water.

Many devices and industrial processes require purified water and low conductivity. Raw water must be treated – for example with reverse osmosis – before it can be used in different applications.


We supply RO devices in many sizes for flow rates between 3 and 35 m3/h. The RO devices come with efficient and durable membrane elements. The choice of membrane element depends on the characteristics of the water. The manufacturer tests all RO devices before delivery to ensure reliability and quick installation.

RO devices are used in applications where desalinated water is needed, like the chemical, pharmaceutical, metal, food and beverage industries. They are also used in the production of makeup water at power plants, and in laboratories.

RO membranes

LANXESSWe are an authorized representative of LEWABRANE RO membranes made by German Lanxess Deutschland GmbH. LEWABRANE RO membranes are used in water treatment processes based on reverse osmosis.

RO membranes are used in the production of makeup water for high-pressure boilers at power plants. They are also used for the removal of hardness from process water in microcircuit industry. Further applications are wastewater treatment and the production of potable water from sea water.

The filtration area of the LEWABRANE membrane element of four inches in diameter is 6% larger than normally, which enables increased water production. The membrane element options for HF and HR types are four and eight inches.

Expert services

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LEWABRANE support service

The technical support of Lanxess Deutschland GmbH is also at our customers’ disposal. 
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