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Expertise in water treatment relating to energy economy

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Cost savings and operational reliability for industry

Water plays an important role in almost all industrial production. Well-managed water treatment reduces maintenance needs for the equipment and the unexpected downtime in the production. The operational realiablity of heat transfer systems is improved and pending investments are postponed into the future.

Our industrial customers are e.g. in paper, forest, food, metal, chemical and plastics industries. We can offer solutions for water treatment needs at different stages of industrial processes. We also provide cleaning services for energy transfer systems and protect the systems against corrosion.

We have a comprehensive range of services for the monitoring and maintenance of industrial AHR systems. We have developed our own cleaning methods for sealing water lines in the forest industry and have been cleaning them for more than 20 years. The cleaning of sealing water lines minimizes water consumption and possible seal damages resulting in considerable cost savings.

Our products can be customized to meet with the individual needs of the customer.