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Water treatment services for power plants

Expertise in water treatment relating to energy economy

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Water treatment services for power plants

There are strict regulations for water treatment in the energy industry to ensure that power plants run economically and without interruption. Well-managed water treatment plays an important role in the preventive maintenance of power plants.


Our products and services contribute to optimizing water treatment processes at power plants. Our customers in the energy industry include steam power, district heating, power generation and wind power plants.

We serve power plants in the production of makeup water, in the pretreatment of water and at various stages of steam generation and utilization. Our comprehensive product range for district heating plants includes for example water treatment chemicals and equipment.

High pressure boilers

The boosting of energy efficiency leads to stricter requirements on the cleanliness of water and to changes in water chemistry. A thorough system survey helps in finding optimal solutions for system-specific water treatment needs.

Our ongoing product development enables us to respond to changing challanges.  The chemical activity is monitored by means of water analyses and the internal inspection of steam boilers.

Oxygen scavenging and alkalizing

The corrosion/passivation balance of the feed water system in steam boilers is mainly influenced by the concentration of oxygen and and reducing compounds in water. The systems are unique and so are their water treatment requirements.

The optimal chemical program is selected by surveying the structure and materials of each system and by conducting water analyses. The purpose of our solutions is to ensure the reliable and durable operation of each system.

Scale inhibitors

Deficient water treatment and system leaks can lead to the precipitation of different compounds.

Scale and deposits cause heat transfer problems and damages to the equipment. These problems can be avoided by means of dispersing agents. Dispersing agents keep the scale loose and it is easy to remove the scale from the system by the blowdown.

District heating systems

Especially in cold climates district heating is the most common way of transfering heat from a power plant to destinations where hot water is used.  The materials and structures of district heating systems vary from one system to another.

The quality of feed water also ranges from lake water to completely desalinated water.  Therefore, the chemical treatment must be chosen on the basis of various requirements.

Our range of chemicals takes into account system-specific differences in construction materials and the quality of water.  Our services also include the cleaning measures of district heating systems and heat exchanges.


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